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John Schultz Headshots

John and I also go way back — he was in that same first class that Jillian Miller and I shared five years ago. John is an amazing actor, starring in many of Eastern University’s plays and performances over the years. A whiles back, John approached me about getting more up-to-date headshots taken so he can go out and get cast in other theatres. Well, he certainly didn’t need me to do that; he’s become quite the commodity in the greater Philadelphia area. But new headshots couldn’t hurt 🙂 It was fun working with John and I think we ended up with some pretty good shots. Enjoy!

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What I did this Summer…

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been a while since I last uploaded some of my photos, so I figured that instead of making a bunch of old posts that aren’t super relevant anymore, I would just throw a sample photo from each event in and link you to the facebook albums if you cared to see more.

This summer was a busy one. Lots of running around, trying to get my personal life in order. I had to find a new roommate, move out of my apartment, apply to graduate school, and deal with a car that chronically had something wrong with it. I’m glad to say that I did, eventually, find a roommate; we did, with much effort, find a new place to live; I was able to get into graduate school (I’m going to be a psychologist!); and, of course, my car still has problems. On the bright side, I’m glad to say that I am officially the staff photographer of Eastern University’s Fine and Performing Arts Division, so that means more dance, music, and theatre photos will be posted over the course of this year!

And now for the blog posts that should have gone up months ago…

Jessica Czop Headshots

I met Jess back in undergrad some three or four years ago. She happened to be the roommate of one of my co-workers. She was majoring in something biological during her time at school, but has since turned to acting. She must be doing well since she has her own IMDB page! I was thrilled when she told me she wanted me to do some new headshots for her! Maybe someday she’ll get famous and take me along with her…

Want to see more? Visit the album on Facebook.

DVDA’s “An Evening by the Lake”

This was an interesting show to shoot because I was actually in the wings taking these pictures. Standing amongst the dancers. Trying not to be in the way. It all turned out well, though, and the girls did a wonderful job! It was so cute seeing the little kids in their duckling costumes (not pictured above).

Want to see all of these pictures (including the ducklings)? Take a look at the albums on Facebook. There’s a total of three albums posted, so make sure you look at each one!

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Jillian Miller @ Chaplin’s Coffeehouse

Jillian and I go way back — to the very first class of our undergraduate careers. She is outstandingly talented and extremely passionate for music, which is obvious to anyone who hears her. This was her first coffeehouse in recent history and has been since invited to open for an act at another coffeehouse in Phoenixville. Hopefully she’ll keep at it — it won’t be long until she’s the headliner!

Want more Jillian? Take a look at the album posted on Facebook!

Caitie and Jason’s Engagement Photos

Remember these two? They’re the ones who first got engaged on stage. Naturally, that’s where we started on our shoot before heading outside. This was my first engagement photoshoot ever (wow). I think we did a good job! Congratulations you two!

For more photos, check out my Facebook page!

Dan Edwards’ Senior Photos

The second (and surprisingly last) senior portrait session of the season. Dan’s been a friend of mine for the past four years, so it was nice to be able to do this for him. Dan’s a bit of a jokester, so it was a little difficult to catch a photo of him when he wasn’t in the middle of telling a joke or laughing at one of mine. In the end, though, I think we were both happy with the results.

As always, you can find more photos on my Facebook page.

Steve’s Headshots

This is my friend Steve. Steve is an up-and-coming actor and an active part of Eastern University’s Theatre department. Before the academic year came to a close, Steve snagged me for a photoshoot — just some stuff for his portfolio.

We had a really great time, travelling from Eastern into downtown Wayne, PA for some of the shots. We also had dinner at this place called “PB&U,” which features some really weird combinations of peanut butter sandwiches. I had one which was homemade peanut butter, honey, bananas, and bacon. Strangely enough, it wasn’t horrible. How cool is that?

If you want to see more photos of this guy, check out the album on my Facebook page!


Becca Senior Photos

Its Senior photo season and I kicked it off with Becca who will be graduating for Gordon College this May. It was a beautiful day at Valley Forge National Park. Too beautiful, perhaps, as we had so much trouble finding shade on this cloudless day. It was fun though, so I’m not complaining.

Becca was down in PA visiting her boyfriend this week so I ‘m glad we found the time to get some portraits done. He tagged along, so by the end of the day we decided to get a few of them together. They told me that they were cursed – they don’t have any good photos of the two of them. I consider this curse reversed.

You can see the whole shoot on my Facebook page (Don’t forget to ‘like’ it!). If you want to by prints or digital copies, you can visit my online store at, but you’ll need to get the password from Becca. Sorry!

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You got your cap and gown. Now get your photos!

This photo was published in “Photography Vibes: Best of 2010”
You could look this good too, you know.

Graduation is right around the corner! With Spring bringing in nice weather, its not too early to start thinking about your senior photos. Think you can’t afford a “Best of…” photographer (see above)? Think again! I’ve got two reasonably priced deals for you! Don’t hesitate to book your photo shoot – the sooner you do, the sooner you can send out those graduation invites or, better yet, get that framed portrait that you mother always wanted. She paid your tuition. Its the least you can do. 🙂


Deal #1 – $50/hr

  • Keep all the photos taken (expect anywhere between 30 and 40 different portraits in an hour)
  • Bring some friends! Everyone goes under this one rate. Two people in one hour means $25 each. Save yourself some money!
  • Get all your photos on a CD and do whatever you want with them! Note: groups will get one CD to share.
  • I upload all of your photos to my Facebook page with minimal watermarking. You’re free to tag yourself and show the world how go you look!
  • This deal is best for those who really like photos of themselves… and those who want to switch into different outfits and stuff.

Deal #2 – $20/hr + $5/photo

  • A very affordable “sitting fee” rate
  • You purchase only the photos you want, which will be available for digital download at my store (!
  • This is a solo shoot only. Any friends who want to take photos with you/at the same time will be charged individually.
  • All of your photos still get uploaded to my Facebook page, but with major watermarking. You’re still free to tag yourself, of course!
  • This deal is best for those who only want to keep a photo or two and are looking to save money.

Please note that both deals include FREE EDITING. The charge you see is the only charge you get. Secondly, please be aware that there are no partial-hour rates. 1/2 hours of photography get charged for 1 hour. I suggest you take advantage of the whole time offered. Lastly, this deal only applies to local photography only. That means on-campus at Eastern University or elsewhere in the Wayne area. If you want to do photos somewhere else, I’d be glad to work a deal with you.

The time to book your photo shoot is now! Email me at today!


Extreme Close Up: An Experiment

Hey Everyone,

For this post, I decided to upload two photos from a series of “experimental” photos I took with my model and friend Rachel. She came up with the idea of taking some extreme close ups of her face while she had some over-the-top glamor make-up on. It was an interesting idea so I figured I’d give it a try. By extreme close up, I mean that the crop of these photos was so close that portions of the face were left unseen. Ultimately, out of the 40 or so photos we took that night, I was only ok with these two. Even then, I feel like I could have done better if I did my research on this kind of photography. Nevertheless, I think these two photos are interesting. Feedback is, as always, appreciated.

Samples of Headshots

Every year in the Spring, a miracle happens. Students are finally able to put down their textbooks, stop doing homework, and enter into the real world. This miracle: graduation. Of course, who would want to graduate without getting some nice photos of themselves done first? Here’s a few examples of Senior photos I’ve done over the past few years. I’m hoping that I’ll have the opportunity to work with some more Seniors this year as the weather warms up.