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John Schultz Headshots

John and I also go way back — he was in that same first class that Jillian Miller and I shared five years ago. John is an amazing actor, starring in many of Eastern University’s plays and performances over the years. A whiles back, John approached me about getting more up-to-date headshots taken so he can go out and get cast in other theatres. Well, he certainly didn’t need me to do that; he’s become quite the commodity in the greater Philadelphia area. But new headshots couldn’t hurt 🙂 It was fun working with John and I think we ended up with some pretty good shots. Enjoy!

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Kat Moorman’s Concert

Another end-of-the-year show, this one was presented by Kat Moorman. Much like a senior recital, Kat and her friends presented a variety of songs from different musicals. Kat has since graduated, but was an active member of the theatre department during her time at Eastern. You might remember her as the lead female character in Carousel. All proceeds from this concert went to charity.

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PALR 2011


It’s been a while since my last post. I’m glad to say that it’s because I’ve been so busy with new and exciting photoshoots! With that in mind, I’m going to keep my comments brief over the next few posts.

Before the school year ended, Eastern University’s Theatre Department put on one last show, featuring many never-before-seen pieces, written and directed by the students themselves. The night’s entertainment included poetry by two amazing student poets and short, interesting plays. Below I’ve included a photo from every play/poet. Enjoy!

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Carousel Photo Preview

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, so I figured I’d throw a photo or two on here from Eastern University’s most recent theatre production: Carousel. If you were fortunate enough to see it, I’m sure you were able to appreciate all the hard work this group put in both on stage and behind the scenes. For those who didn’t see it, let me tell you… the scenery was beautiful, the lighting was magnificent, the choreography was top notch and the acting was phenomenal! You can expect a few more photos from this show coming soon, but until then, enjoy these!

Also, if you’re bored, you can check out the review article at that will feature a few of my pictures. It wont be up for another few days, though. I’ll link the actual article once its posted online.  Enjoy!


EDIT: The review article is now online! Click here to take a look.